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"selling of second hand goods"                                                                           Second Hand Dealer Registration 
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Hunters And Collectors Auction Dates

                                         Updated Monthly

The team at Hunters and Collectors Auctions would like to welcome you to this month auction dates, which are as followed:

                                          2017 Dates  

2nd  September:  Saturday   12:30pm~~  General / Electrical Auction 

6th September:   Wednesday 6:00pm~~  General Auction

13th September: Wednesday 6:00pm~~   Antique Auction             16th September: Saturday    12:30pm ~~ General / Electrical Auction

18th September: Monday      T.B.A

20th September: Wednesday  6:00pm~~  General Auction

27th September: Wednesday  6:00pm ~~ Antique auction

30th September: Saturday    No Auction 

Come in early and browse through our store as you never know what you might find!